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As one of the top SEO Companies in Ahmedabad, India, we take proud in results we get for the patrons. More than anything else, showy belief and unmatched capabilities give us strength to get rankings like none other.

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SEO Expert Ahmedabad, India

Computer Engineer by qualification and SEO Professional by Passion. I’ve been in SEO industry for close to 7 years now.

I have seen websites going up in the rankings and then falling flat on their faces. I have seen Search Engine Giants killing people’s businesses. Suffering Panda, Penguin or any other updates was part of my Journey.

In brief, rankings sites, keeping them on top and growing businesses of my clients is what I spent 70-80 hours of a week on. Support of the able team comprised of the best SEOs in Ahmedabad, India enables me to always provide that extra bit.

SEO Services


On page optimization is what makes your site relevant so that it ranks higher. Proper optimization would rank your crazy and wrong hands can kill your website. Changing meta tags here and there is just one of the building blocks.

Contact us to know how deep we go into on-page optimization to make sure that your site perfectly complements Google and other search engines’ quality guidelines. We think of on-page SEO(India) as the pillar of our SEO campaigns. If that’s done perfectly, everything that follows really becomes walk on the park.


Off-page optimization is where SEOs goes berserk and rank sites like a kid playing games. It’s not that easy my friends.

Google friendly Anchor text optimization, proper linkbuilding methods, high quality links, social engagement and most importantly no nonsense – are the key steps for success of our SEO compaigns.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us in order to make sure that practice we follow is 100% non-spammy, accordingly to SE guidelines and long-term.

Social Media Marketing

Growing your business using one platform is always risky no matter what. One must always look to diversify traffic from different sources. And what better than social medias when it comes to online marketing.

We have some of the best social media optimizers and marketing in India. If you are looking to make your growth infinite, don’t depend on just Google. Start diversifying and you will see results very soon.

Contact us for more information.

The SEO industry is like our lives. The only inevitable thing is a change. Without upgraded search engine optimization of your online properties, they are bound to doom. Let it be on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, killer linkbuilding tactics, content curation or reputation management, your online presence need proper management and optimization.


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Clients Say on Results we get for them 


Aaron“Priyank is working on my websites for more than one and half years now. I was in deep waters when some of the penalties hit my sites before appointing him. He gave me some golden advices for free to start with. Then began his magic. At the moment, 10 of my sites are rankings in top 2 for 5 states in Australia. My business show 127% increase in just last year.”

Ian Campbell – Property Valuation Group, Australia


Sammy Hanna

“I contacted him from one of his mastermind groups. He analyzed my sites and promised rankings in 3 months. In 2nd month only, I was on page 1. Amazing results in the right way. My site is still ranking on all major search engines for 2 years now.”

Sammy Hanna – Rush Nutra Phrama, USA


Shubh Sagar industries“He gave me presentation on potential of my business in India. It was encouraging but I was skeptical about his promises. But, getting him on board is the best decision I made in my business in last few years. He ranked my website, a video  and a local listing result on page 1 of Google for some of the juiciest terms for my business.”

Maheshbhai Patel – Shubhsagar Industries, India


 Darshal DHE Firm    “I was quite skeptical about the role of SEO or Online Marketing in India. But when my site ranked in top 5 for some major keywords in my industry, inquiries almost doubled. I am now solely focusing on online marketing to grow my business. It’s much easier than traditional marketing and immensely profitable too. Thanks THESEOINDIA”

Darshan, DHE Firm


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